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Our Values

  • We believe that Britain should be a sovereign nation with democratic control over its own laws, borders, and money. An independent nation state with an international vision.
  • Leaving the EU – with its autocratic rules and unelected, unaccountable power structures – is the vital first step towards establishing democratic control. Once outside the EU, Britain will always be part of Europe, a continent of free peoples.
  • The betrayal of Brexit by the Westminster establishment reveals that British politics is broken. Their old two-party system and outdated politics of Left and Right serves only itself.
  • We believe Britain needs fundamental political reform to promote democracy and make the people sovereign. That must mean challenging the pillars of establishment control, from the unrepresentative electoral system and the unelected House of Lords to the entrenched and unaccountable powers of the civil service and the BBC.
  • We want to put the principles of trust and integrity at the centre of political life. Britain needs political leaders the public can trust – and who will trust the people to make their own democratic decisions.
  • We believe Britain should be a nation of free and equal citizens, enjoying the historic liberties we pioneered such as freedom of speech, and looking after those in need. We champion the British values of tolerance and fairness and embrace the diversity of Britain’s people – and of their opinions.
  • We believe that a clean-break Brexit and the change it can bring will be a great opportunity to rebuild Britain. By investing the Brexit dividend in the regions outside London, we can create a country that is fairer and freer as well as more democratic.